About us


Our mission is to help you in your marketing on an international, national and even regional scale. Our team relies on extensive experience dedicated to the education sector, in publishing, production and marketing via various digital media. We understand the issues and challenges represented by digital technology in education as well as the complexity of valuing digital educational resources (DER). The selection of resources is based on the same guiding lines as traditional school publishers, namely that your resource respects human rights, that there must not be any biased words and that there is a real educational and learning approach.

Reference to school cycles

Since the structure of education systems varies widely between countries, AREN Education chose to use the UNESCO framework in order to organize and present each resource upon this chart level of educational content. UNESCO’s International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) is the reference classification for organising education programs and related qualifications by education levels and fields. The basic concepts and definitions of ISCED are intended to be internationally valid and comprehensive in the full range of education systems.

Respect and compliance

We make sure that the DERs in the catalog comply with the digital security rules specific to each country as well as comply with the protection of personal data in its mode of access to the resources. Focused on innovation and concerned with respecting and representing ethnocultural diversity, AREN Education therefore offers a dynamic showcase that will arouse collective curiosity among teachers, thus representing a business opportunity for you. In addition, by providing commercial support, we will promote creative authors, start-ups as well as emerging ideas in education. Our values lie in collaboration, respect for each other and teamwork. We take the safety and privacy of users very seriously and are responsible for the protection and security of data.

Trends and traditions

Our priority is to identify education markets, their trends and needs and to help you respond to relevant calls for tenders, in line with your resources.

Our actions are based on the valuation, promotion and positioning of your resources. We intend to be a neutral and independent interlocutor, the goal being that all can be represented in an equal and impartial manner. Based on the strength of our network and international visibility, we offer you a simple and efficient management of transactions between you and the communities that will use your DER.

Be part of AREN

By joining AREN, you benefit from visibility and accessibility of your resources in our digital and printed catalogs, as well as in specialized exhibitions for which we offer you our expertise in order to optimize the presentation of your resources in education.

To know more

All school and children's literature publishers, resource creators, and authors of open resources offering digital education-related content for kindergarten to high school students are welcome to be a part of AREN.