A new way for teachers
to fully enjoy
technology !

Because we can no longer remain passive about the use of technology in education.
Why wait when you can do it easily on your own.


  It's not always easy to use and integrate technology creatively into my teaching. 


 I value innovation in my practice, but above all I want to feel competent. 


 I want to help my students develop 21st century skills such as independence, creativity and collaboration. 

Engage your students by providing authentic and relevant learning experiences.

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Carry out activities using digital tools and content you already know.
Integrate safe and proven EdTech resources into your programs.

Create your own interactive content by combining text, images and videos.

Use external tools such as integrated applications selected by you or your community.

Distribute content to your students, create subgroups, and keep track of everyone.

Thanks to the schematic dashboard, you will be able to see the progress of your students simultaneously or at the most convenient time for you.

Assess your students without the headache.

Select one of 4 levels: Very good, Adequate, Poor and Insufficient. Or choose to record your comments over the audio.

Access directly all your favorite EdTech resources and even discover new ones.

You can securely integrate your favorite applications into the learning programs you have defined.

Take advantage of the accessibility standards issued by the RGGA.

The display format is based on Web technologies (HTML), so you can use any screen size and to take advantage of advanced options (font, colors, size ...).

Log in with a single sign-on.

A single login allows you to access all your resources and share your digital content. Plus everything is GDPR compliant as well as with Canadian privacy laws.

Increase the value of your teaching by using stimulating and active digital resources such as learning through play and experimentation.

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Without downloading or installation, ARÉN + works on all types of devices.




Find new approaches that will make a difference in the lives of your students, but without wasting too much time focusing on technology.

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The uses of digital technology in the education sector are our business.

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