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International Day of the Francophonie

march 20th 2021

In March, invite your students to celebrate La Francophonie! This thematic guide offers several activities to learn more about the fifty or so countries that share the French language.

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World Poetry Day

march 21st 2021

Poetry is much more than an old-fashioned or outdated art! It's a way to play with words, but also to express yourself through voice, rhythm, music... Discover a wide range of educational resources.

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World Theatre Day

march 27th 2021

Drama is more than the preserve of drama teachers. It is also a creative opportunity to develop students' language, personal and social skills.

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AQUOPS Congress

mars 29th 2021 - A very human digital experience!

Association Québécoise des Utilisateurs d'Outils technologiques à des fins Pédagogiques et Sociales - Our values: Sharing | Commitment | Exceeding.

100% virtual - The workshops and the exhibitors' lounge will be presented in virtual mode.

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SETT - School Education Transformation Technology

april 21th to 23th 2021 - Namur Expo

Teaching in the age of new technologies. Ready to take up the digital challenge in your school? Participate for free in a hundred conferences, workshops and talks during the 3rd edition of SETT

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In-FINE - International Forum on Digital Education

june 2nd to 4th 2021 - Exhibition centre of the Grand Poitiers

Supported by the Ministry of National Education and Youth, the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and local authorities.

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